Big Mick is Watching You. Like right now. And when you sleep. And during your entire day.

You see, when you made an account on Club Penguin a little box said "I Have Read and Agree With the Terms of Use". You read it didn't you? Yeah? LIAR!

You DIDN'T! And now he's watching you. Can you stop it? Yes. Go to Club Penguin and get banned. It's the only way to deactivate your account, and if you do Mickey stops harassing you.

Go there. Do something nasty like swear. I dunno, see Banned. Just make sure that you do something big, that people will remember you for, LIKE SUCKING BIG FAT HAIRY COCKS. And then, he'll be gone forever.

What happens if you don't? He'll destroy you when you turn 10. HAHAHA! See you then! By the way, big mick is watching another person.





Big Mick has his own fail stamp!

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