Candypears are specially grown spam meat that have a fruity look and taste thanks to genetic modification.


One day while sliding through the extensive spam farms, Yob picked up a piece of spam and studied it closely.

He had always wanted to eat some fruit, but all he could find was this stinkin' spam!

"All that there is on this wretched planet is SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM! I DON'T LIKE SPAM! I WANT FRUIT!" he screamed, and with that he swung his "arm" of pudding with all his might and threw it into a strange-looking machine.

It suddenly whirred into action and spit out a rather strange-looking spam at Yob.

He picked it up and took a bite of it.

It was ... FRUIT!

Or rather a genetically modified spam meat that tasted like fruit.

Yob jumped for joy and ran over to his garden and planted the spam.

For a few seconds nothing happened, but suddenly up sprang a tree!

And on it were millions of the strange spam!

"I'm gonna call 'em candypears!" he shouted with joy, and from that day forward, that was their name.


Candypears taste like spam, but with a fruity goodness that spam just cannot match.

It also is quite sugary and will easily make anything that eats it extremely hyper for the next ... ummmmm ... ten hours.

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