yep that our COP

This is the Code of PWNduct, this wiki's rules, which everyone must follow.THAT MEANS YOU!

Full Code of PWNduct

  • Despite being nonsense, this wiki is censored.
  • There is a difference between nonsense and uncensored.
  • The following words are allowed on all space bars though: suck, crap.
  • No bullying
  • Try to keep the content clean and funny.

  • When a user is banned, you may vandalize their user page. a banned template will be place on their userpage by an admin to show other users they are banned.
  • You cannot own a character, a room, a game, a story, a species or anything else just because it has the creator template on it, or because you created it! You do however, have the right to deny its use in another article, edit it if other edits contradict with your intentions for said character unless an admin orders you to stop doing so.
  • If,an article is inappropriate, the admins have the right to seize the OOC writes, and rewrite the article to make it ok, no matter what the creator wants.
  • Anyone is free to edit any page of which you created.

  • This is a Club Penguin wiki after all, and articles should be with in the scope of antartica!
  • Asking permission before using a character is recommended.
  • This is not an Un-Club Penguin Wiki!
  • No pornography.
  • Violent articles are extremely discouraged. Remember, kids do visit this wiki.

  • Do not vandalize or spam.

  • No religious articles.

  • Drinking alcohol is not allowed.
  • Begging for sysop and B-crat repeatedly might get you banned.

Under construction.

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