Person Who is Better Than You or Even Them, better known as "Dictator" Communismguy09, is the n00b who invented communism and the founder of Soviet Russia. He doesn't liek mudkipz very much but mudkipz liek him because he's from Soviet Russia and mudkipz liek people there.


One day there was this n00b who was born named Communismguy09. he didint like mudkipz like the other n00b kids so he ran off and eat alot of cheezburgers. then he got fat and played Club Pudding but then he ran out of Cheezburgers so he invented communism and founded Soviet Russia.

He then created a race of mutant mudkipz that liek u! everyone's responce O_O "Silly Communismguy09! Mudkipz liek u! not teh other way around!" O_O.

He then got mad and eat a Flying Bathtub.

To be continued


  • Cheezburgers are capitalist food though.