Good luck with that.

OMG, ROCKHOPPER?!?!?! Let's be clear here. Rockhopper is a penguin like million others on Club Penguin, but because he appears on the newspaper you think "he" is a celebrity so you go on the servers looking for him and asking where he is. But who is Rockhopper?

"Rockhopper is a friendly pirate penguin who regularly sails to Club Penguin Island in his ship, the Migrator, about every two months or so."
--Club Penguin Wiki

OK, first of all, he's a penguin controlled by Club Penguin staff, or to save time, a bot sometimes. So when you talk to Rockhopper and he's "your friend", it's an adult or a bot. So why are you happy to see an pervert or machine? You might say "because of his free background" but that's a lie. You probably met him five times, you have his background, and you just want to see him again. You disgust me. Have fun with your pervert or machine.

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