I bet that n00b over there wants some MOAR str00del.

§7r00þ€£ ¡§ @ j€££¥ ƒ¡££€þ þ0nµ7-€§qµ€ §@nþw¡çh 7h@7 7h0§€ ç0mmµn¡§7§ çµp§ 0ƒ pµþþ¡n9 £0v€ §0 mµçh. ¡7 w@§ m@þ€ b¥ 90þƒ@7h€r §7r00þ€£ b€ç@µ§€ h€ w@n7€þ 70 çr€@7€ @ ƒ00þ 7h@7 w¡££ b€@7 pµþþ¡n9 @7 ¡7'§ 0wn 9@m€.


  • Str00del is a capitalist food though.

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