Uncle Bungee is a grouchy penguin that lives on Club Penguin Island who hates noise, banana related articles, and almost everything else except candypears because candypears are WIN! Uncle Bungee is also thought to possibly be a human in a penguin suit but this was proven false.


Uncle Bungee was born on December 31st, 1999 inside a candypear factory.

As soon as he was born, he plugged his ears, for the factory was very loud.

And from that day forward, he hated noise.

Whenever he heard the slight noise, he threw a container of spam at them and eventually everyone learned to shut up when he was around.

And to make it worse, he hated everything else except for candypears.

Eventually he moved out and bought a small igloo that he decided to live in for the rest of his days.

However fate would not favor him.

Eventually, the IRS came to his igloo in their big noisy trucks and demanded that he pay his taxes for once.

He refused and they decided to ban him.

However just before they could press the ban button, Uncle Bungee threw them out of his yard, stuffed them into their trucks and rolled them down a steep hill.

The drivers were at the hospital for weeks, and from that day forwards, nobody messed with Uncle Bungee.

Well, almost nobody.

Enter Bananaphone.

In the short story Attack of Uncle Bungee, Bananaphone decided to brainwash Uncle Bungee into saying OMG! I GIVE YOU FREE MEMBERSHIP! and succeeded, which got Uncle Bungee banned for a short while.

Which of course, made Uncle Bungee furious.

And on that day forth, he had a great hate of all things to do with bananas, like Dancing Banana and Bananaphone.


Uncle Bungee is grouchy and mean, plus with his extreme noise sensitivity makes him to not be a very nice person to be around.

He is absolutely never kind to anyone or anything, and he will never except any help for anything (unless if he is trying to destroy Bananaphone).


Uncle Bungee lives in his tiny non-member igloo, where he lives in total silence and plots out his revenge on bananakind.


  • He doesn't liek mudkipz (not as if he likes anything anyways)