Ok, first of all, congratulations on our 50 articles! I'm pretty sure that the whole communi-, oh who am I kidding; I'm pretty sure that XTUX, Akbaboy, Diosus and I, the only editors, worked a lot on this.

Now, for a serious note. Template:Humor was added to several pages so that our visitors (30 daily according to Quantcast) don't feel offended.

Also, WE'RE NOT FANON. I know that our userbase comes from that wiki, but stick your imagination to humour. So stories are allowed, just don't go promoting them on the sidebar instead of real canon content, like Rockhopper.

Another thing is memes. They have nothing to do with CP. Even if they are funny, they're for a regular Nonsense Wiki. Actually, wouldn't it be more appropriate it the wiki was just Nonsense Wiki? Comment.

PS: We need to get 100 articles by weekend. We're in half of the week and we're half way there. DP 19:10, October 13, 2010 (UTC)

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